ISJ Leaders in Security Conference – Official Agenda

The Grosvenor Hotel, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
25th May 2022





Mr Ian Stokes, CEO / Mr John Cowling, Conference Chair



H.E. Khalifa Ibrahim Al Saleis, CEO & Executive Director, Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA)


PANEL DISCUSSION: Re-calibrating the Supply Chain

Yacine Benamane, Security Manager, Unilever North Africa & Middle East (Panel Chair), Andy Hopper, Senior Director, PepsiCo Global Security, Dr. Wilson Esangbedo, National President, ALPSPN, Matt Horrox, Director, Continuity Strategy

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the global supply chain? With the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia, what ripple effects are we seeing across neighbouring regions? How can better understanding and auditing increase business resilience and forecasting? With geopolitical tensions rising and logistical issues continuing to disrupt global industry, the Middle East and Africa is a regional intersection where many of these challenges collide. To ensure the secure and effective distribution of aid, natural resources and goods, it is critical that business leaders collaborate with one another to ensure that the supply chain is effectively recalibrated and futureproofed.


PANEL DISCUSSION:The Constant Need for Upgrades – If It Isn’t Broken, Why Fix It?

Chris Adigwu, National Secretary, ALPSPN, Simon Whitehouse, Managing Director, SGW Consulting

The rate of technological development within the security industry is remarkable. Across every sector – from surveillance and access control to alarms and body-worn equipment – the industry never stands still and manufacturers as well as solutions providers are constantly innovating to address critical needs. However, with such advancement, the need for reflection is also imperative. In this discussion, our panellists will be assessing the necessity of technology upgrades and will be looking to determine whether this is a plan for the future – or if we are too far down the road to look back.


PRESENTATION:TED-Talk style presentation from Ahmad Younes, Sales Director Middle East & Africa, MOBOTIX

Ahmad Younes, Sales Director Middle East & Africa, MOBOTIX


PANEL DISCUSSION:Cyber Security and Data Management

Phillip Antoniou, VP Sales EMEA, MOBOTIX, Mo Ahddoud, CEO, Chameleon Cyber Consultants, Amit Mehta, Cyber Security Advisory Practice Lead, Mastercard

Cyber has changed the industry significantly and, whilst there have been major advancements to ensure that data is properly protected, there is still a significant of progress to be made across the board to ensure that connected devices are secure and that businesses and organisations take the appropriate measures to stay one step ahead of those with malicious intent. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, home-working continues as a norm for many and thus a myriad of challenges have been posed which need addressing to ensure that personal and work devices are not vulnerable. As smart products continue to be integrated into security setups, manufacturers are working tirelessly to ensure that devices are designed with cybersecurity in mind from day one.   


Refreshments and Networking


PRESENTATION:Global standardization and type approval importance of security systems

Eng. Col. Arif Al Janahi, Security Engineering Director, SIRA


PRESENTATION:Exploring central control and aviation security

Joss D’Silva, Vice President, Emirates Group Security

This presentation will be focussing on central control and the integration of all security systems and technologies and will also delve into the process of digital transformation within aviation security. Joss – who is a professionally qualified graduate with a degree in the field of Military History – has over 30 years’ experience in security operations and is a Certified Aviation Security Professional through ICAO.


PANEL DISCUSSION:Hospitality and Retail Security

Howard Leedham MBE (Panel Chair), Managing Director of ESID DMCC, Vitthal Teli, Cluster Security Manager Hyatt Place Hotels in Dubai & Hyatt Centric Jumeirah, Mark Shepherd, Risk & Security, Associate Manager, MAF Properties

Whilst the hospitality and retail sector has experienced a significant amount of change over the past two years – with many governmental restrictions across the globe mandating the use of PPE – hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other facilities designed to host and serve the general public have also benefited from the wealth of technologies that have been innovated to support this critical sector, such as visitor management systems and other solutions incorporating AI and automation. Though the landscape still remains uncertain, security managers have things to consider and options to explore when ensuring that an effective strategy can be implemented to protect visitors and staff alike.


PRESENTATION:What Standards do you need to Succeed in Security?

Yacine Benamane, Security Manager, Unilever North Africa & Middle East and Vice Chairman, ASIS Dubai Chapter




PANEL DISCUSSION:Critical Infrastructure

William Brown, Director, Control Risks, Andy Edwards, Vice President, GardaWorld International Protective Services, Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi, Commandant General – Nigeria, Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Wadih Abi Hader - Astrophysics Sales Director EMEA

Critical infrastructure is at the heart of every smart city and its protection is vital. Recent changes to the cyber landscape – not forgetting the obvious physical threat posed by terrorist groups – means that oil and gas facilities, water treatment plants, hospitals, transport networks and more are key targets for those looking to wreak havoc and disrupt stability across regions. A melting pot of innovation and production, smart cities like Dubai are the beating heart of development across the globe and their infrastructure is the backbone to support this. To help secure such locations from a variety of threats, experts on this panel discussion will be examining the most effective strategies to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure whilst assessing the host of risks which face this sector.


PANEL DISCUSSION:Cloud Technology & Cloud-Based Solutions

Alexander Holmstrom, Global Sales Director, ACRE International, Elias Bechara, Managing Director, 6SS, Dr. Daniel Omofoman, Technical Associate, ALPSPN

The rise of the cloud has been remarkable over the past few years. Spurred on by a demand for increased flexibility and convenience, manufacturers have listened to the needs of end users, integrators and installers and are offering a variety of leading solutions that support a wide range of vertical-specific requirements. Commenting on the rising demand for such solutions, Alex Holmstrom, Global Sales and Marketing Director, ACRE International, told International Security Journal: “Cloud-based services benefit both integrator and end user alike. They allow customers to quickly scale from a single site with a few access control doors to a complete multi-site and highly secure enterprise security solutions that include workplace management and IAM (identity and access control management) capabilities.”


PRESENTATION:Private & Public Partnerships

Jose M Gonzalez, Assistant Regional Security Officer, U.S. Consulate General Dubai

In this presentation, Jose – who is currently assigned to the U.S. Consulate in Dubai – will discuss the core mission of OSAC and some of the success stories stemming from this robust public-private partnership.


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PANEL DISCUSSION: Taking an Integrated Approach to Security

Howard Leedham MBE (Panel Chair), Managing Director of ESID DMCC, Tim Purpura, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Morse Watchmans, Simon Whitehouse, Managing Director, SGW Consulting, Mo Ahddoud, CEO, Chameleon Cyber Consultants, Issam Shibany, Head of PreSales and Business Development Middle East and Africa, MVP Tech

By integrating security technologies, endless possibilities are created and flexibility is ensured for all involved. By moving away from a siloed approach, the latest solutions can work with one another to ensure that relevant data is correlated, thus making assessments easier whilst providing cost-effectiveness to end users. The growing demand for security integration has developed in line with the rapid rise of the smart city, with access control just one of the many technologies that has benefitted significantly. As businesses and organisations look to navigate challenges whilst maintaining operational continuity, as well as the effective management of people and assets, integration is a route teeming with advantages for all.


PRESENTATION:Managing Insider Threat

JT Mendoza, Head of Global Insider Risk Management & Investigations, CGI

One of the most challenging threat vectors for security and risk management executives are those posed by individuals with authorised access to their organisation’s information and facilities. Insider threat and risk presents a great challenge to organisations because it is hard to detect and almost impossible to prevent. In this presentation, J.T. will provide a short review of three case studies and lessons learned whilst offering an overview of the challenges that exist in today’s environment.


PRESENTATION: Regional Roundup - Exploring the Middle East Threat Landscape

Sorana Parvulescu, Partner, Control Risks