UL Solutions launches service for fire alarm control units in UAE

UL Solutions has introduced a new product category covering fire alarm control units and accessories intended to be used in the United Arab Emirates as part of a household fire-warning system.

To balance cultural practices with safety enhancements, UL Solutions, a global safety science leader, developed a new testing program and a new Certification Mark for the UAE.

The program tests residential fire alarm control units that permit residents to briefly disable alarms to burn incense. Products that demonstrate compliance with the testing protocol earn the all-new UL-AE Certification Mark.

By applying solid regional insights and deep industry expertise, UL’s new testing program for fire alarm control units aims to inspire greater confidence among UAE residents, opening the market for safer products and maximising emergency services resources.

In 2018, the UAE Civil Defense launched a campaign to introduce a smart fire detection, alarm and monitoring system to every residential villa in the UAE. The initiative involved designing and installing a fire detection system for early warning of a fire outbreak to inform occupants to evacuate the premises with almost instantaneous alarms.

To improve response times, the alarm systems are connected to a signal monitoring center that receives the signal of a fire outbreak and confers with the owner on the current situation before dispatching the necessary fire response resources.

This alarm feature is designed to reduce the possibility of false alarms to prepare civil defense crews on arrival, especially in villa homes with the highest incidence of fire calls in the UAE.